Health Facts & Options

Health Facts and Options

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Pregnancy Information

Understanding your pregnancy is not only important, but also fascinating. During sexual intercourse, the male’s semen travels to the female’s fallopian tube. If the sperm meets an egg in the fallopian tube, then it starts the fertilization process. Once that contact is made and the egg is fertilized, a baby is made. After the egg is fertilized, it travels to the uterus where it implants itself in the wall so that it can receive nutrients.

Emergency Contraception

We believe in the value of your life, as well as your baby’s life. For this reason, if you are considering using Ella or Plan-B, we would love for you to call and set up an appointment! There are many different factors to consider before using emergency contraception, and we want to make sure that you have all the information available before you make a decision. Our center is staffed with people who care about you as a person and who will help you as you consider all of your options.

Abortion Information

We do not perform abortions or give referrals for abortion clinics. However, if you are interested in getting an abortion, we provide further education on abortive procedures and would be thrilled to have you stop by the center for a free ultrasound and consultation. We care about your life, and we want to help you make an informed and educated choice in this area.

Sexual Health

We want everyone to be as healthy as possible. We recommend seeing your physician for any questions you may have regarding your sexual health. We do not refer for abortions or birth control methods. However, we do have several resources if you wish to discuss your sexual health with someone here at the center.


It is never too late to start a healthy lifestyle for you or your baby. Pregnancy is one of the most important times to make sure that you are taking care of your health. Your eating habits now are affecting your baby and will determine what vitamins he or she will have when born. We offer a nutrition class, as well as further information to help you maintain a healthy diet during your pregnancy and beyond. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

Our Promise to You

We are here to serve you. If you have questions about any of our services, please give us a call. Everything we do is at no cost to the client. We do not sell any service provided.

Our Mission

We exist to spread the Gospel by serving and teaching families, churches, and communities to embrace God's value for human life, born and unborn.

Our Vision

We strive for a world where everyone embraces God's value for human life, born and unborn.