Brooklyn Jackson - Office Manager

Brooklyn and her husband, Anthony, have been married for 12 1/2 years and they have two boys, Andrew and Adam. Brooklyn has been on staff at the PCC for 5 years, but served as a volunteer receptionist and a Life Walk volunteer teller for two years before joining the staff. Her responsibilities include overseeing the building, training new receptionists and data entry volunteers, handling deposits, managing systems, and running reports. She and her family attend the First Church of God in Niles.

My favorite person from the Bible would have to be Ruth. She was such a servant and was very loyal, giving and faithful.

My favorite ice cream (if I have to pick) is chocolate chip cookie dough. But, I prefer cake. Ice cream is okay, but I’ll always choose cake over ice cream any day!

If I was a cartoon character, I would be Winnie the Pooh. He’s always looking on the bright side of things, and will always help out a friend in need and is very loyal, much like me.

Something you would never guess about me is I don’t like the dirt!!

Things I like include watching football with my family. We spend our Saturdays watching Notre Dame (me) and Michigan (my hubby) and Sundays we watch the Bears (him) and Colts (me). We also love playing volleyball with our church family, and just being together as a family. We love to go to DQ and get an ice cream (yep, there I will have ice cream) and play putt putt after!! It’s a fun family time!

My number one pet peeve is talking with your mouth full. My second pet peeve is driving under the speed limit!

I want to be remembered for my generous heart, my love for others and for my faith in Jesus. I want to be known as a servant just like he was and taught us to be!!