How would you like an easy way to teach your children, family, or church about generosity while also introducing them to the pro-life cause and supporting your local Pregnancy Care Center in the process? How would you like them to learn that they can make a difference for life right now, right where they are? What if we told you that you can teach this valuable lesson with something as simple as a baby bottle?


Our Baby Bottle campaign is the perfect way to teach your children, families, and churches about the value of life and generosity.


This campaign involves three simple steps:



Challenge your children, families, and church groups to regularly fill their bottles with change — spare change, or change they would have spent on something else.


Every time someone chooses to put money into that bottle, he is choosing to be a part of something greater – to make a difference for life in the community!


And the money WILL make a difference in the community. All the money in the bottles will be donated to the Pregnancy Care Center of Niles, helping them meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of their clients in a Gospel-centered, grace-filled way.


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