Resources to Help Educate about Abortion

It is perfectly normal to find yourself in a position where you would be considering abortion. Many women have been in the same position that you find yourself in right now. The decision to have an abortion is not one to be made lightly. We want to make sure you have all the facts before you make this decision. The best way to get all the facts is to schedule an appointment and talk with someone who cares about you as a person and wants to help you make the best choice. Please call us today to schedule an appointment! (269)684-6200.


This page contains information about abortion for those who are considering abortion, for those who have had an abortion, for men who have been involved in abortion, and for churches who want to reach out to their communities and speak into this issue.

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For someone considering abortion:

Important Information to keep in mind if you are considering abortion

Abortion Clinic Procedures

To a Woman Considering Abortion

Medical Facts About Abortion (This is a great resource that includes information about each of the different abortion techniques and answers questions about the safety of abortion)

Abortion Risks

Resources for Churches:

The Importance of Preaching about Abortion

Pastors, You Must Speak Up: One in 5 U.S. Abortions Are Performed on Women Identifying as Evangelical Christians

Abortion and the Gospel (includes ideas for how to approach this in your church)

A Timeline of Abortion History (from National Right to Life)

Downloadable fact sheets from National Right to Life (Contains information on abortion statistics, abortion techniques, abortion and minorities, teens and abortion, and several other abortion related topics)

5 Ways Abortion Negatively Impacts Men (Information about abortion & men, as well as links to a Bible study and information to help your church start an abortion recovery group for men)

Free e-books from Care Net (including such topics as Sermon Notes, Keys to Connecting with Dads, Abortion and the Church Research, and 10 Things Not to Do When a Woman Tells You She Wants an Abortion)

Abortion in the Bible and Church History

Life Training Institute (articles and resources on several different pro-life issues)

Sermons and Bible Lessons:

Christ, Culture, and Abortion (a sermon for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday by John Piper)

The Plundering of Your Property and the Power of Hope (A message by John Piper)

They Poured Out Innocent Blood (A sermon for Sanctity of Life Sunday by John Piper)

Abortion: A Teaching Series by Dr. R.C. Sproul

A Bible Lesson for Teens on the Value of Human Life